Robotics With Cassie

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Welcome to Robotics With Cassie – Tutorial Services! I’m Cassie, a 5th year software robotics coach, and an active seeker to create opportunities to spark and inspire people to come together in STEM. My journey has taken me from a lifelong dancer turned computer scientist, to knowing very little about robotics, to loving every inch inside and out. I’ve struggled with the heaviness of not believing in myself, to channeling my inner cheerleader spirt to becoming a crazy, passionate FIRST Tech Challenge robotics coach.

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Getting Started

Are you starting a new FTC team, or becoming a new mentor/coach? Whether you have experience in robotics or not, the number one question you’re facing is, is where do I start?! How can I set my team for success if I don’t know what I’m doing?!

Saving, Sharing, and Organizing Robot Code

Config Management

Just like having multiple team members typing up a document in Google Drive, robot code should be stored and shared on a platform called GitHub. Learn how to control, manage, update robotic code with helpful configuration management tools like GitHub

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